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Electric Charging Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging on Campus

Option 1 – Pay the metered rate of $2.00 per hour while you use the EV charging stalls.  This option is primarily for visitors and those who only charge infrequently.

Option 2 – Register your electric vehicle with Commuter Services and pay for an EV endorsement to add to your existing University permit.  The cost of the endorsement is $120 for the academic year, and the permit holder will receive 2 hours of free parking at any one of the EV charging stalls each day.  If you stay longer than 2 hours you will need to pay the metered rate of $2.00 per hour after the first 2 hour period has passed.

  • With both options, cars will be ticketed if they are not actively charging and/or if the time they remain in the EV parking stall exceeds the allotted or paid time.
  • Commuter Services will be monitoring the policy closely and make adjustments when needed. 
Last Updated: 6/7/17